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Soul Transplant

Is it even possible?!

11 June
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Well, what is there to say? I'm 15, i try to be individual, and seem to cause things to go wrong all the time, but i survive. Tis what i do best. At the bakery where i work i', the girl who trips over the same step every Saturday. It's becoming regular entertainment for customers between 10-11am. I enjoy listening to music, and being on my own, but i lurrve all my girly friends, and the other guys too.. People think i'm moody and i think that "messy cow" or any insult put infront of "cow" is now officially my nickname. Although alot of people also call me Jessie, or Jess, which they never used to do before.
adema, breed 77, evanescence, h.i.m, korn, music! majestix, retina...yeah., seether, some slipknot, static x, stone sour